Inner Tent Roman Deluxe

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The inner tent for our Roman Deluxe will seal off one side of your tent. The groundsheet attached to the breathable fabric is 100% waterproof. The hooks provided for the installation and the lightweight build make this a very easy to use product for all your camping trips.

Inner Tents turn half your bell tent into an enclosed sleeping compartment for additional bug protection, privacy, and some degree of additional insulation.  Perfect for glamping!

The Inner Tent on the Roman Deluxe hangs from the doors.  Made from ultralight cotton canvas the Inner Tent is both compact, easy to use, and can be installed by 1 person in under 5 minutes.  Canvas carry cag included for transport and storage.

Inner Tent Bathtub Floor

Every Inner Tent has sewn in PVC groundsheet that is 10cm (4 inches) tall; the same bathtub style on our Sibley Tents.  The inner tent ground sheet offers twice the protection and helps keep sand and dirt tracked into the tent out of your sleeping area.

Insulating Properties

The walls of the Inner Tent do not make contact with the canvas tent canopy, which creates dead air space between the two. This layer of insulation helps keeps your sleeping area both cooler in hot weather, and warmer in cold weather.

More Information
Floor MaterialTarp (5.30 oz/yd²)
Max Capacity3
Total weight (lbs)4
  • Inner Tent for Roman Deluxe
  • Matching canvas carry bag
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