Frontier Plus Tipi Sleeve

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Tipi sleeve which fits the flue of the Frontier Plus stove, thus enabling you to safely use the stove in a Tipi Tent. The sleeve will avoid direct contact between the canvas of the tent and the flue pipe.

The Tipi sleeve protects the fabric against the heat generated by the flue. Position the sleeve near the top of the tent where the flue exits the Tipi. You may need 2 Tipi sleeves, depending on the height of the tent. The three chains attached to the metal mesh are attached to the spark arrestor to keep it in place.

Weitere Informationen
Gesamtgewicht (kg)2.8 / 6.2
Länge45 cm (17.7")
Durchmesser Rauchabzug8 cm
    • Metal mesh shield
    • Additional flue section
    • 3 metal chains
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