Vuurvaste Mat voor Vuurschalen

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Lightweight and packable, this fireproof mat protects your ground from hot coals and embers.

A fireproof mat is designed to withstand the heat of a burning ember or hot coal.  It provides a layer of protection to prevent whatever is underneath the fire mat from igniting upon contact with burning particulate.  Fiberglass is not an effective conductor of heat, is lightweight, and is not flammable, which makes it an excellent choice for a fire mat.


The term 'fireproof' is a misnomer commonly used to describe things that withstand extremely high temperatures.  In the carbon based world we occupy, pretty much everything is capable of burning when exposed to enough heat for a long enough period of time.  Fire resistant or flame retardant products are better understood as a means to delay or interrupt the burning process.  

A fire mat is intended to give you more time to pick up or extinguish a errent ember.  If you leave a 800° F burning coal on the fire mat, the heat from that coal will eventually transfer through the mat.  Although the mat will not burn, the tent floor or carpet underneath it may melt, char, or burn.

Fire safety is the responsibility of the user.  Educate yourself and practice vigilant fire safety. Always have a fire extinguisher handy.  Never leave a fire unattended. When in doubt, put it out!

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Totaal gewicht (kg)1.2kg (2.6lbs)
Lengte91cm (36in)
Breedte91cm (36in)
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