DryGuy Canvas Waterproofing Treatment

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DryGuy is a specially formulated treatment for canvas tents that helps maintain waterproofing, prevent mold growth, and protect against harmful UV rays.  Easy to use and environmentally friendly.  DryGuy protects your bell tent, so your bell tent can protect you. The same great formula now has new packaging for 2019.  Free Shipping with the purchase of 2 bottles!

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DryGuy works by adhering to the fibers of the canvas, which is why it’s important to apply it to clean and dry canvas.  The hydrophobic (science speak for ‘water repellant’) properties reduce the surface energy of the canvas, which encourages water to form beads and run off the tent rather than absorb into the fabric.  Keeping the fibers of the canvas dry inhibits mold growth, which requires moisture to grow. 

Breathability is one of the key features of camping in canvas.  DryGuy is able to provide water repellency while maintaining breathability by absorbing into the fibers of the canvas rather than creating a water impervious barrier across the canvas like a paint would.  Leaving the porous structure of the fabric unobstructed, DryGuy keeps water out while allowing moisture to escape from inside, mitigating condensation and regulating humidity.

The light, water based solution goes keeps the fabric flexible for easy packing and storage.  As a non-toxic and eco-friendly solution, DryGuy won’t leave your tent smelling of harsh chemicals and is safe for kids and pets.

All CanvasCamp tents are made from canvas which has been impregnated with a breathable eco-friendly treatment to promote water, mold, and UV resistance.  Exposure to the elements works away at this treatment overtime. Cleaning and retreating your canvas can double the life of your tent.  When it comes time for retreating we recommend DryGuy.

Instructions for use:

  • Start with a clean and dry tent.  (Check our FAQ for cleaning instructions.)
  • Dilute concentrate with 3 parts water to 1 part concentrate. 
  • Starting at the top, spray evenly over the outside surface of the tent.  Hold the nozzle 6-12 inches away from the fabric.
  • Allow to dry completely before storage or use.

How much DryGuy do I need?

It’s generally a good idea to always have some DryGuy on hand in your gear shed.  The suggested quantities should be plenty to treat an entire tent, and have a little extra left over for spot treating as needed in the future.  DryGuy is safe to use on other types fabric as well, (Gore-Tex®, eVent®, nylon, polyester, etc.), and can be used to waterproof your other gear.

  • Sibley 600: 2 bottles
  • Sibley 500: 1.5 bottles
  • Sibley 450: 1 bottle
  • Sibley 400: 1 bottle
  • Sibley 300: >1 bottle


Keep DryGuy in a cool dry place, as you would any other solvent.

More Information
Total weight (lbs)0.5
  • 473 ml. (16 oz) bottle of DryGuy Canvas Tent Waterproofing Treatment

Application Equipment:

A spray top is not included with the concentrate.  For spot treating, mix as much as you need to cover the area in a simple spray bottle (3 parts water to 1 part concentrate).  For an entire bell tent or multiple tents we recommend a 64oz(2L) pump pressurized spray bottle which you can pick up at any big box or garden supply shop. 

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