Exit I Stove Jack

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The Exit I Stove Jack is a heat safe flashing designed to safely vent the flue pipe of a wood burning tent stove out the roof or side wall of a canvas tent. Made out of stainless steel and galvanized rubber, this heat resistant flashing is easy to assemble and compatible with most flue pipe diameters. The rubber can be cut to fit the specific diameter of your flue pipe to ensuring your chimney vent is secure. CanvasCamp recommends allowing at least 3 feet of clearance between the tent stove fire box and the firebox on most tent stoves.

Proper stove placement is entirely dependent on the type of stove you are using and the temperature differential you are trying to achieve between your tent and the outside environment.  Placing a stove closer to the side of a tent and by the door is convenient – it takes up less space in your living area and easy to clean and fuel without tracking dirt through your tent.  However, the more flue pipe exposed to the interior of your tent, the greater the heat transfer.  Therefore, placing your stove closer to the center of your tent will provide the most effective and efficent heat.  Be sure to provide at least 3 feet of clearance between the stove jack and firebox of the tent stove. 

Made of stainless steel and galvanized rubber. All components required for quick and easy installation are included. 

CanvasCamp recommends keeping the tent stove fire box at least 3 feet from the stove jack. Larger stoves, hot burning wood, or high-heat output smaller stoves may require additional distance.

When you are not using your tent stove, sticking a plastic cup bottom side out works as a great stove jack plug.  For longer spells you can also sandwich a piece of canvas between the gaskets.

Learn more about wood burning tent stoves by exploring our Tent Stove Buyers Guide – the complete guide to buying, owning, and operating a tent stove.

How to Install a Tent Stove Jack

For detailed information on how to install a tent stove jack check out our detailed instruction page: How to Install a Tent Stove Jack

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Total weight (lbs)0.7
Compatible WithFrontier Plus, Orland Tent Stove, Orland Camp Stove
Flue Compatibility3" - 6-1/4"

instructions installation tent stove heat shield


  • 2 clamping plates
  • High-temp rubber boot
  • Mounting nuts & bolts
  • Diameter metal ring exterior: 24cm (9-1/2")
  • Diameter metal ring interior: 19.5cm (7-3/4")
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