Frontier Stove Tipi Sleeve

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Tipi sleeve is a top section of flue pipe designed specifically to exit a Frontier Tent Stove out of the top of the Tipi Tent. Fire safe metal arms hold the canvas at a safe distance from the hot flue pipe and add additional stability to your portable wood burning stove, even in windy conditions. A required stove accessory for all Tipi owners looking to keep their tents warm and cozy in cold camping conditions.

The Tipi sleeve protects the fabric against the heat generated by the flue. Position the sleeve near the top of the tent where the flue exits the Tipi. You may need 2 Tipi sleeves, depending on the height of the tent. Dimensions: 42cm (length) x 60mm (diameter).

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Total weight (lbs)3.3
Flue Diameter2-1/4"
  • 1 Frontier Stove tipi sleeve
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