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The Sibley Bell Tent Fly is a lightweight nylon double roof that provides your Sibley Tent with an extra layer of defense against the elements - extending the life of your tent. The Fly is equally useful as a freestanding rain shelter or sunshade. New for 2021: The Sibley Fly now comes in two versions: Rain and Sun. Ideal for rainy/snowy seasons, the slick and tightly woven nylon Rain Fly acts like a big umbrella – either on your Sibley tent, or pitched separately as a group hangout, or covered kitchen. The Sun Fly provides shade from the heat of sun and protection from harmful UV rays! The burly Duralon fibers of the Sun Fly are loosely woven to allow heat to escape and fresh air to pass through, and also acts as a protective net to keep debris off of your tent.

Compatible sized Sibley Pole Set and Stake Set sold separately

NOTE: Sibley 450 Fly is NOT compatible with the Sibley 450 Ultimate

The Sibley Bell Tent Fly is an ultra wind resistant and lightweight shelter.  Whether used on a Sibley Bell Tent, or pitched independently, the Sibley Fly is our most popular and highly recommended Sibley accessory.  Expert level campers typically roll with both the Rain and the Sun Fly, and use them interchangeably as the seasons, weather, and camp demands. Rain or Sun, a fly is always handy to have on hand for use in the backyard or the backcountry.

The Sibley Fly comes in a variety of sizes and can be set up in minutes. Pitch it as a standalone shelter with a accessory Sibley Pole Set or use it as a protective and temperature regulating fly in conjunction with a Sibley Bell Tent.

Sibley Rain Fly vs Sun Fly

New for 2021: Two Fly Versions

Rain Fly

Made of lightweight and durable 70D nylon, the Rain Fly's tight weave and steep canopy sheds rain and snow. Ideal for wet climates and cold weather applications.

Sun Fly

Made of recycled and repurposed plastic waste (Duralon), the Sun Fly keeps you out of the sun and plastic out of our oceans and landfills. The loose and irregular weave on the Sun Fly provides shade and UV protection while allowing heat to escape. Ultra durable and low maintenance, the Sun Fly is ideal for hot summers and extreme sun exposure.

Why Fly?

By design, common plastic camping tents often require a tent fly to compensate for the short comings of nylon – which is Why Canvas Tents Rule. The Sibley Tent’s premium 100% cotton canvas is waterproof, breathable, and designed to stand up to the elements and keep you camping comfy. The Sibley Tent does not require a fly to perform. So why invest in a fly?

Decreased Maintenance

UV rays from the sun are damaging – to skin and gear. Over time, the sun’s rays compromise the integrity of the cotton fibers, making tents less waterproof and more susceptible to rips, tears, and mold. One of the benefits of Sibley Tents is that they can (and should) be cleaned and retreated periodically to protect the canvas from sun degradation – keeping your tent in peak performance shape and in service longer.

Sibley Flys provide an extra layer of protection against nature's harshest elements.

For recreational camping, flys give you the flexibility to adapt to inclement weather. If rain is in the forecast for a quick overnight camping trip, a Rain Fly can help keep your tent dry so you break camp quickly in the morning. The Rain Fly is ideal to have on hand when camping under sappy trees or poopy birds – saving you the time and effort required to clean up your canvas.

Flys are particularly useful for Sibley Tents in long term use or commercial applications. If you’re running a glamping business, or living out of your tent – having a fly helps keep your tent in service longer. The flys are made of nylon, which is difficult to repair and more susceptible to UV damage than canvas. However, flys are both cheaper and easier to replace than a canvas tent. The fly takes the beating, and spares the tent.

Temperature Regulation

Both the Rain and the Sun Fly help regulate temperature in your tent. When properly pitched the fly creates a small dead air space which provides some insulation against fluctuating temperatures.

To take advantage of the insulating properties of the fly, we recommend staking the fly out 30-60cm (1-2 feet) further than your bell tent canopy stakes.  You will need an additional set of stakes to accomplish this.  If you source your own takes, note the how many you need for each Fly Size:

400: 13

450: 14

500: 14

600: 16

600DD: 16

600Twin: 16

The Rain Fly traps heat - keep your tent a little warmer, a little longer after the sun sets. In the morning the Rain Fly also slows down the amount of time the sun takes to raise the temperature in your tent, keeping it a little cooler, so you can sleep in a little longer. However, in the heat of the day, the tight weave of the non-breathable nylon Rain Fly prevents the breeze from cooling down your tent. The Rain Fly is perfect for early risers and cool nights, but is not ideal for day-nappers under the summer sun.

The Sun Fly blocks, absorbs, and reflects the sun's heat energy, while the loose irregular weave of the recycled plastic fibers allow rising hot air to escape. Like the refuge of a large leafy tree on a hot summer day, the Sun Fly helps keep the sun from baking your tent like a potato.

Keep in mind that the Fly, in addition to the canvas, helps mitigate temperature fluctuations – similar to a thermos keeping your coffee warm, or a koozie keeping your beer cold. The Fly is not a substitute for active heating (tent stove) or cooling (air conditioning) – like a microwave is to cold coffee, or a refrigerator is to warm beer. Given enough time and exposure, the interior temperature will equalize to the ambient exterior temperature.

For more information about heating a tent check out our Tent Stove Buyers Guide.

For cooling, some customers equip their tents with portable air conditioning units. Although it should be noted that running a/c may make your tent cooler, the energy consumption likely makes the planet warmer.

Extra Shelter

Although the Sibley Fly was designed for use with a Sibley Bell Tent, it can be pitched independently as a beautiful and high-performance bell tent shaped shelter. A Sibley Pole Set of a compatible size and extra stakes can be purchased separately.

Sibley Flys are equally useful as a standalone shelter where a full tent set up is not required, or a second tent is just not practical. At CanvasCamp, we use our flys in-place-of, or along-side our tents more often than on the tents themselves.

Lightweight and super portable, Sibley Flys are easy to keep on hand to be deployed when needed for a variety of applications:

  • An impromptu shelter for groups to hang out through an afternoon shower, or to escape the sun on a blue bird day.
  • A covered kitchen, work area, and excess gear storage while in the field
  • A practical and stylish all-weather backyard oasis.
  • A quick and easy way to protect your stove jack when you’re not running a tent stove.

NOTE: Sibley Flys are nylon, and therefore are not compatible with tent stoves because you shouldn’t run a stove jack and flue pipe through them. However, Flys are a highly recommended for tents with stove jacks that are not in use. If your going camping, but don’t plan on bringing along your tent stove, throw a fly on your tent to keep your stove jack covered. When cold weather hits and you’re running your hot tent set up, use your fly as a standalone shelter for chopping and storing wood.

Sibley Bell Tent Fly Video Collection

Sibley Bell Tent Fly as a Standalone Sunshade Shelter


Sibley Bell Tent Fly as a Double Roof for your Sibley Tent

The Sibley 600 Twin Fly


  300 400 450 500 600 600 Twin
Diameter 3m (9ft 10in) 4m (13ft 1in) 4.5m (14ft 9in) 5m (16ft 5in) 6m (19ft 8in) 4x6m (19'8x13'1)
Height 190cm (6'3) 250cm (8'2) 275cm (9') 300cm (9'10) 355cm (11'8) 300cm (9'8)
Area 7m2(75ft2) 12.5m2(134ft2) 16m2(172ft2) 19.6m2(210ft2) 28.2m2(306ft2) 20.5m2(220ft2)
  • (1) Sibley Bell Tent Fly
  • Heavy-duty guy ropes and tensioners
  • Matching carry bag


NOTE: Poles and Stakes are not included with the purchase of the Sibley Bell Tent Fly.  If you would like to use your Sibley Bell Tent Fly as a standalone shelter you can purchase a compatible sized Sibley Pole Set which are sold separatelyStakes can be purchased at your local hardware store.


NOTE: Sibley 450 Fly is NOT compatible with the Sibley 450 Ultimate

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