Spring Camping Essentials

Posted on: March 4, 2022
By: Jeff Dobbs
Spring Camping Essentials

As with every camping season, the spring camping season brings with it unique situations that seemingly require equipment dedicated to each season. With a little planning, the best essential camping gear can be used in all 4 seasons, giving you room in both your garage and wallet for glamping luxuries.


Yakima Skybox 12 Carbonite

Getting everything there can be a burden, but being able to see out your rearview mirror while doing so should not be optional. Yakima has been a trusted brand in gear hauling car accessories for many years and their top products just keep getting better & better.



The standard camping calculation of 2 gallons (7.5L) of water per-person-per-day can make bulk water transportation & storage more difficult than it may seem on the surface. Waterbrick has invented the most versatile, durable and manageable bulk water storage system we've seen.    


Square Canvas Shelter

Muddy boots are are expected in spring, but muddy tent floors should not be. Whether you need a vestibule to store & keep gear dry outside the door, or an awning to sit under while sheltered from wind & a spring shower, the uses of a Square Canvas Shelter are limited only by your imagination.


CanvasCamp Sibley 450 Pro

Spring and fall trips generally include less people than summer trips and less gear than winter trips. The Sibley 450 is luxurious enough for a couple and a stove or 4 people on cots. If bugs are a concern in spring, check out the 450 ProTech which comes with a screen wall.  


Frontier Plus Stove

Perfect for keeping chilly spring night temperatures at bay or for cooking a small meal on, the Frontier Plus portable stove is great for weekend getaways. The entire kit packs into the stove body and accessory carrying bags make mess-free transportation convenient.


Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Power Station Kit

Goal Zero has been the standard in portable power solutions for some years now. Though it won't run a mini-fridge, any of their Yeti series power packs combined with a solar panel kit can provide more than enough silent power for LED interior/exterior lighting, charging tablets phones or any other small devices.


Warbonnet Blackbird

Despite it's rather intense name, the Blackbird hammock has been unanimously voted by hammock campers to be the most comfortable full-featured camping hammock on the market. Whether taking an afternoon nap in the shade or toughing it out in subzero blizzards, the wide range of accessories for the Blackbird make it adaptable to any situation.


Bogs Classic Muck Boots

Rain boots have become so common it's hard to distinguish a nice pair from any other pair. Bogs Muck boots are waterproof and comfortable in all conditions. Choose from their classic or more stylish models.  


KingCamp Camping Cot:

While air mattresses can be great in summer, the cooler temperatures of spring, fall and winter make foam pads a necessity for a comfortable nights sleep. Known for it's durability, the KingCamp Camping Cot is capable of holding two single or one double mattress whether they are air or foam. Elastic bands at the corners of the cot keep mattresses firmly in place.


Arc'Teryx Gamma MX Hoody

The softshell redefined what a shell layer could be in terms of a windproof/waterproof jacket. Arc'Teryx has been a trusted high-end outdoor brand for many years and their Gamma MX has been user-approved as an all-use, high-performance shell that keeps you warm & dry.


For many of us, spring is when camping starts, but essential gear is how great camping starts. Choosing the right gear for the right situation is an art and we will keep you updated on the best gear from essential to fabulous in all 4 seasons.


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