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Flex Stretch Tents

Cover your party, from your backyard to festivals

Nothing takes a party to the next level like a stretch tent. Flex tents, also known as stretch tents, freeform tents, or stretch marquees; are the most versatile party tents on the market for creating unique, stylish, and performance shelters. Flex tents are made of one large stretchy membrane that can be pushed up in a range of different shapes and heights with modular poles. Stake as many sides as you want to the ground and you’ve got walls!

Flex Stretch Tent

Flex Stretch Tent - Q3 Heavy

The heaviest of all stretch tents are the Flex Q3 tents with a good 750gr/m2! These can be used for professional and permanent use, this is the best event tent you can find on the market for festivals and large public events.

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Flex Q3 Light Stretch Tent
Flex Q3 Light stretch tent

Flex Stretch Tent Q3 Light

When portability is necessary as a professional user, but ease of use as well, the Flex Q3 Light offers the perfect solution. It's lighter than the Q3 heavy, but has the same practical system.

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Flex Stretch Tent Q2

Flex Q2 tents weigh about 560gr/m2 and have a coating on each side of the fabric making it sturdier & easy to clean, perfect for semi-professional use.

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Flex Q2 Stretch Tent
Flex Q1 Stretch Tent

Flex Q1 Stretch Tent

The Flex Q1 stretch tents are the lightest of the bunch, the 530gr/m2 fabric is perfect for private use and very easy to transport to a friend’s party.

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