Thanks to our customers’ support we have become one of the world’s leading canvas and flex tent specialists for personal, professional and humanitarian use.

Drop shipping VS pre-purchasing stock

If you are interested in becoming our new business partner, you first have to decide on how you want to order the goods. Every CanvasCamp reseller has two options: they either pre-purchase the tents and buy them in bulk or have us deliver the goods to their clients directly (i.e. drop shipping).

Drop Shipping

“You simply need to create a sale channel, generate customers and maintain your customer base. We will do all the rest for you.”

Drop shipping implies that the main company (i.e. CanvasCamp) is in charge of the delivery of the goods. In other words, all ordered products are delivered directly to the resellers’ customers from our local headquarters. Not only will delivery be outsourced to CanvasCamp, the reseller can also rely on us for our expertise, possible marketing strategies, etc.

We personally notify each reseller by email when we have shipped a CanvasCamp article to any of their customers. This email contains a unique tracking number, which enables you to follow the delivery online. All CanvasCamp products are fully insured for delivery.

If you opt for drop shipping, starting a reseller business in CanvasCamp articles takes little time, effort and more importantly, little investment, for you do not need to invest in a physical warehouse, nor need to pre-purchase stock. You can easily and quickly order the products online when you need them. Moreover, you do not need to invest time in shipping the products, nor need to make any business arrangement with a delivery company. You simply need to close a sale. We will do the rest for you.

Main advantages:

  • Cost- and time-efficient
  • Quick and easy ordering process
  • Assistance from CanvasCamp

Pre-Purchasing Stock

“If you are dreaming of starting up a reseller business independently yet supported, with bigger margins, more freedom in setting prices, running promotions, etc., we would recommend you to pre-purchase stock.”

If you choose to pre-purchase stock, we start with a mix of the top selling products, in order to prevent that you are left with stock at the end of the season. In any case, leftover stock can always be returned.

Buying in bulk entails bigger investments and larger profits. If you pre-purchase stock, you have to invest in a warehouse or fulfillment house, in stock, a website, store, employees, etc., at which point your reseller business becomes a fulltime responsibility. To compare: In the case of drop shipping, the reseller is only responsible for maintaining their customer base and generating new customers, which can perfectly be combined with a fulltime job. Although starting a reseller business based on pre-purchasing stock takes more effort, it enables you to deliver the goods yourself, without the extra cost of importation fees, handling fees, etc. In other words, you are able to buy the same products at a much lower price and generate larger profits. If you are dreaming of starting up a reseller business independently yet supported, with more freedom in setting prices, running promotions, etc., we would recommend you to pre-purchase stock.

Main advantages:

  • Lower purchase costs
  • Larger profits
  • More freedom, less dependency on CanvasCamp

Drop shipping: ordering process & payment methods

Ordering Process:

After you have requested a personal password and username, you gain access to our online B2B shop. All CanvasCamp products can be ordered online. Note that the products in the B2B web shop are listed at drop shipping prices, i.e. they include storage and handling fees. Resellers who pre-purchase stock will thus be charged lower prices.

Ordering CanvasCamp products takes little time or effort, for you can order the products when you need them and feel confident they will be shipped as quickly as possible. As our headquarters are located strategically, shipping generally takes two to five days worldwide.

Payment Methods:

Not only can you pay by Visa or Mastercard, we also accept bank transfers. Please note that any additional costs resulting from the payment transfer are to the expense of the payee, in this case, the reseller. European bank transfers are generally free of charge.

Business agreements

You have to sign three forms before you can access our B2B web page or become a CanvasCamp reseller. Firstly, you are to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement which states that you will not disclose any confidential information to other parties. By signing the License Agreement, you can use the CanvasCamp license. Thirdly, the Distributor Agreement grants you the right to distribute CanvasCamp products in a certain geographical area.

Reseller support

New CanvasCamp resellers can confide in us to assist them as much as we can and to provide them with as much information as possible. Not only are resellers permitted to use all the online product information*, they also have access to our online photo database. Creating a professional website has never been easier! Apart from the information on our website, our resellers dispose of CanvasCamp sales tools such as photos, banners and stickers. Additionally, if required, the CanvasCamp customer service team assists the resellers in developing marketing, sales and product expertise. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.
*Note that the information on our website is not to be copied.