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Bulk Purchasing Quality Canvas Tents

Direct from Manufacturer

Purchasing a large volume of tents directly from a trusted manufacturer – us – guarantees the lowest possible prices on the highest quality tents. Designed specifically for growing businesses in the glamping, camping, and event production industry, CanvasCamp’s wholesale program provides serious buyers with cheapest price per unit on our flagship canvas tentsSibley Bell Tents. Wholesale is a no-frills buying option offering factory direct canvas tents with no markup for services and amenities you don’t need. The price you pay is for tents, and tents only.

Not quite ready for wholesale? Check out our Volume Discount program for no hassle, all-in pricing on multiple canvas tents.

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Lowest Prices

Wholesale purchasing provides the lowest possible price per unit. The price you pay is for tents, and tents only.

Highest Quality

As a manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and retailer – we make no distinction between tents manufactured for wholesale, retail, or our own personal use. That means that every tent that we produce is built to the same high standards for quality and craftsmanship. Don’t take our word for it - there is no substitute for putting your hands on the product, putting it to use, and making your own determination. Shop now and see for yourself.


Since 2005, CanvasCamp has been the trusted source of the highest quality canvas tents in the world. We develop, design, and test our tents in a range of environments.

Proven Performance

Sibley Bell Tents are pitched all over the world in a variety of environments for a variety of uses. We have refined our design and materials in response to 15 years of feedback from our customers, in addition to extensive field testing.

Direct from Manufacturer

No middle men. No mark up. No nonsense.

Flexible Buying Options

CanvasCamp provides a variety of purchasing options to suit the needs of your growing business beyond wholesale. Learn more about volume discounts, dropshipping and retail.

Large Scale Production Capacity

Dedicated production runs can be arranged for any number of tents.

No Order Minimum

Wholesale pricing is available on any number of tents, although we recommend orders of 20 more.

Short Lead Times

CanvasCamp is constantly producing tents. Often we have finished tents on hand that can be shipped out immediately -- providing the shortest lead times on wholesale tents in the industry.


CanvasCamp’s wholesale program offers the lowest prices on bulk purchases of our premium quality canvas tents. Request a quote, complete your purchase via wire, and we will manufacture and deliver your tents FOB (Freight On Board) directly from our factory. You are responsible for making all arrangements for shipping, handling, import, and delivery. The price you pay is for tents and tents only. Wholesale is recommended for experienced buyers and large orders, typically 20 tents or more. Currently the lead time on most wholesale orders is 50-90 days.

When you purchase multiple tents at wholesale you are buying them at lowest price per unit. In order to provide the lowest price per unit, many of the services and amenities typically associated with retail purchases are not included in wholesale pricing – such as logistics arrangements, brokerage, returns, and repairs. The stripped down service of wholesale and long lead times is a standard practice for wholesale and provides savvy buyers with the deepest discounts.

Shipping, import, and delivery of wholesale purchases requires time and resources that many experienced buyers simply don’t have – and many inexperienced buyers underestimate. CanvasCamp’s Volume Discount purchasing option is an excellent alternative to wholesale. Volume discounts are designed specifically for customers seeking cost savings incentives of wholesale, with the added benefit of all-in pricing, fast shipping, and hassle-free door to door delivery.


Wholesale tents are sold ‘freight on board’ origin port– meaning that we deliver your tents to our closest port, then the ownership of the tents passes to you the buyer. As the new owner, you are now responsible for all costs and arrangements for the tents beyond that point.

Cost and responsibility of shipping, brokerage, import, taxes, fees, handling, etc. from our factory to your intended final destination is not included in the price per unit. Your total delivered cost is dependent on your logistics arrangements and the current tax, tariff, and trade environment at the time of delivery.

Wholesale orders must be paid in full prior to manufacturer. CanvasCamp does not provide products on credit.

There is no order minimum on wholesale tents, however, wholesale is typically best suited for purchases of 20+ tents.

Wholesale pricing is available on wholesale orders only. We frequently receive requests for “sample tents”. We firmly believe there is no substitute for putting your hands on the product, putting it to use, and making your assessment prior to making a large investment. We encourage all prospective customers to put our tents to the test by purchasing a tent from our website prior to placing a wholesale order. Every CanvasCamp tent purchased at retail cost comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. If your CanvasCamp tent is not the right fit for any reason simply return it, or exchange it for another size or style -- you pay for return shipping, standard return terms and conditions apply.


Complete the form below to request our wholesale price sheet. This catalog provides a brief snapshot of each product, focusing on key features, specifications, and pricing. More detailed information is available on the product pages of our website. Compare Sibley Series and Sibley Sizes to learn which Sibley Bell Tent is right for you.

Deciding which tent to buy is the hardest part. For a personalized recommendation on your specific use, please do not hesitate to contact us.