How to Start a Glamping Business

A guide to glamping sites for entrepreneurs & side hustlers

Posted on: July 19, 2023
By: Heather Rae Petersen
How to Start a Glamping Business

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The glamping trend is exploding worldwide. Operating a glamping business is getting more popular with
entrepreneurs and people looking to supplement their income.

According to the Glamping Global Market Report, Europe was the largest region in the glamping market in
2022. North America is expected to be the fastest-growing region in the forecast period. The glamping market
size is expected to grow to $4.62 billion in 2027.

This article is a beginner’s guide to starting a successful glamping business.
Learn more about:
● What’s glamping
● What you need to consider
● Checklist of what you need to get started

Memories over Amenities
Travel culture is shifting away from tourism and towards exploration.
Glamping is not just for the fancy. Experiential tourism is in demand. People create meaning through direct
experience, and that meaning is becoming more important than amenities. Yes, cable TV and a hair dryer are
convenient, but those creature comforts are not what is driving people to go glamping. If you've got a slice of
outdoor heaven, there is a market for outsiders like you looking to share it. A five-star experience is reflective
of your guests' satisfaction, not extravagance.

What’s Glamping

Camping - Just Easier

Glamping - mash-up of “glamour” and “camping” - is a form of camping involving accommodation and
facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. Glamping is a buzzword that can be
applied to range of accommodation styles, from Airstreams to tree houses to bubble domes...but real glamping
is in tents!

How to Start a Glamping Business 1

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What you need to consider

There’s a lot to take into account when starting a glamping business. Many of our customers have quickly
launched a business with our gear, whether it’s with a single BnB tent or a full-fledged glamping resort.

What are the advantages of owning a glamping business?

● High demand - Glamping is a growing market
● Lower startup costs - Easier to get started & is cheaper than buying a vacation house
● Extended operating season - Generate revenue during peak and off-peak seasons
● Higher profits - lower startup and maintenance costs
● Sustainable and eco-friendly appeal - can be designed with sustainability in mind

Why choose a tent?
Providing an authentic experience creates an intimate relationship between travelers and locations, customs
and culture. Tents bring you closer - physically and emotionally. Tents are also temporary structures that do
not require building permits. You can move them, store them, sell them and rent them off site! Develop your
business model with a flexible product.

Top 3 things to consider when starting a glamping business
Set yourself apart with:



Get the lay of the land and pick a location that stands out.

A luxury canvas tent can be pitched just about anywhere. Proximity or access to parks, rivers, beaches, resorts
and other outdoor recreation magnets is a plus -- but not a requirement. Turnkey camping experiences can
often be a destination in themselves for folks just looking for an escape.

Glamping experiences can also be offered alongside existing businesses. Businesses can use glamping as a
way to diversify their income channels, increase brand awareness and build stronger customer relationships.
Vineyards are famous for capitalizing on the lasting loyalty of customers that have participated in a sip and
stay experience. Farms and ranches everywhere should consider pitching in on the tent stay.

How to Start a Glamping Business 2

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Don’t own land? Don’t be afraid to approach landowners with a proposal to share in the revenue generated
from a tent camping experience on their property. Seek out land for sale that has been listed for a long time
with no takers. Approach your regional or federal land managers to explore options for a public-private

How to Start a Glamping Business 3

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Consider being mobile.
The demand for custom tailored glamping experiences greatly exceeds the number of people willing to do the
work to create them. Glamping events are a largely underserved market. The flexibility to move tents around
to cater to groups, retreats, and weddings, is a great way to win new business. Pack up and hit the road to
provide glamping options at other venues, festivals, or events. Or you can simply rent out a DIY glamping
package to folks without the gear. Leveraging mobility to diversify your revenue stream will keep you busy
and keep your investment earning.

How to Start a Glamping Business 4


Provide an authentic camping experience that’s ultra-comfortable and hassle-free

Glampers want to experience the outdoors along with luxury. Your accommodation should allow guests to
really connect with nature without the hassle of setting up a tent or bringing a lot of equipment.

Embrace your niche
Play to your strengths
Take stock of your location and what would draw a person to visit. You don’t have to be everything to
everyone. If you’re decorating with rustic woodwork, antler, and deer skin rugs, don’t describe it as a
whimsical garden retreat for vegans. Be consistent, genuine and transparent.

How to Start a Glamping Business 5

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Promote that local vibe
Everyone wants to be an insider
Empower your guests to make the most out of their visit by recommending local activities, restaurants, or
points of interest. Local knowledge and personal recommendations go the extra mile to make your guests’
stay special. Collect brochures from local businesses that visitors may be interested in. Leave a map to your
favorite neighborhood bakery for breakfast in the morning. Suggest a hike that hasn’t made it to the
guidebooks yet. Make sure you introduce yourself to the business operators and leave a card to promote your

Glamping doesn't have to be bougie
Luxury is cool, snobbery is not
Don’t get hung up on the concept of fancy if that’s not your thing. Glampsites are diverse with varying levels of
elegance and modernity.

However, glamping doesn’t speak to everyone. Tents are rugged, technical and can be marketed toward a
broad range of people that are looking for a more primitive experience. You do not need red carpets and white
gloves to be successful. However, if 5-star is your niche, get after it!



Start with Tents
Not too big, not too small
Four person tents are just the right size. Plenty of space to accommodate friends and family. Not too big for
two people. 4 person tents give you the flexibility to camp comfy on every occasion.

How to Start a Glamping Business 6How to Start a Glamping Business 7

Furnish smart
Shabby Chic Ain't Cheap
All other factors held equal, furnishing and amenities can make the difference between commanding $60 per
night and $600. It is also the most variable expense.

How to Start a Glamping Business 8

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Invest in comfort first: 1.) The tent 2.) The mattress 3.) The lights
Don't skimp on the basics - do discount decorations. Shipping platforms make great bed frames! Kitschy,
mismatched, vintage furniture and rugs could be your niche! Interior design is an art, not science. Get


The Checklist

Here are a few factors, such as location, decor and overhead, that you should keep in mind when getting

When choosing a location, you will need to consider factors such as:
● Weather
● Glamping regulations
● Restrictions in the area
● Cost to own or rent the land in that area

Also consider:

● The popularity of the area
● Does it fit with your glamping business plan
● Nearby amenities and attractions
● Accessibility of the glamping site
● Security of the glamping site

These factors can determine how much to charge and how popular your glampsite will be.

Tent decoration setup
Focus on the essentials first:

● A comfortable bed
● Blankets
● Thoughtful lighting
Hot stove (extend the camping season)
● Towels
● Hot shower
● Chairs
● Wardrobe or clothes rack
● Mirror
Rug or Matting

How to Start a Glamping Business 9

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Add extras to wow your guests
To impress your glamping guests and set your tent apart from the competition, there are also certain luxury
extras that you can offer. These include:

● A campfire kit with marshmallows, recipe ideas, etc.
● Outdoor camping blanket
● Board games
● Patio heater
● Laundry room
● Coffee machine
Folding wooden picnic table
● Picnic basket
● Outdoor pizza oven
● Hammock

Offer something unique can make you stand out
● A hot tub
● Horse riding
● Stargazing
● Guided hikes
● Free bike rental

Once your glampsite is set-up, stay there for a few nights to see what your experience is, what needs tweaking
or what is missing. Add a few extra touches to make your guest’s experience even more enjoyable.

Price dynamically - Not all nights are equal
The value of the experience for the individual guest should be reflective of the nights they occupy. If it’s a
holiday weekend in a tourist hot-spot you can raise the price point. If it’s a random Wednesday in the rainy
season, be the bargain. Too many businesses miss the mark between profitability and customer satisfaction
simply because they lack dynamic pricing.

In addition to the tent and land, don’t forget your overhead (ongoing monthly expenses):

● Rent/Mortgage
● Property taxes
● Maintenance costs
● Water
● Electricity
● Business insurance

Get the Word Out!


● Make an enticing listing
● List accommodation on Airbnb, Campspace, Hipcamp, Glamping Hub, Pitchup, etc. Do
some research and see which ones are most popular in your area, you don’t need to use all of them.
● Build an online presence
● Encourage guests to leave positive reviews

Make More than Money

Your Memory Bank is Equally Important
Making a profit with your CanvasCamp tent makes those adventures you’ve been putting off more accessible.
If you’re a CanvasCamp owner, or considering becoming one, you already know the investment and gains
involved aren’t just about the money. It’s the quality of life, the connection with others and the enjoyment of
the outdoors that holds the real value in the equation.
So get inspired! Be the catalyst! Get Outside!