Sibley 500 Apex

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    Our Sibley Apex series stand for beautiful and quality tents made of high quality cotton with unmatched versatility. Apex series tents are perfect for long-term set-up, events as well as professional use. It is the most durable cotton bell tent known. The Apex 500 is suitable for intensive use anywhere, anytime.

    500 Apex Pack
    Sibley Connector
    Duopod 500
    Short Guy Poles
    Save €30.80

    Fabric & coating

    Tentex® C36: high quality and durable technical cotton canvas/tarpaulin developed in Europe for and by the outdoor industry. Suitable for intense use in all weather conditions and seasons.

    • Weight: 360 gr/m² - ISO 3801
    • Tensile strength Warp: > 140daN - ISO 29073-3
    • Tensile strength Weft: > 90daN - ISO 29073-3
    • Tear strength Warp: > 1,4daN - ISO 13937-1
    • Tear strength Weft: > 1,1daN - ISO 13937-1
    • Yarn NEC - 31/2 op 26/2 PLY
    • Certified Seal of Cotton®

    Canvas treated to be UV resistant, fade resistant, water repellent, and mold and rot resistant while maintaining breathability. The coating is invisible, but without a doubt a very important aspect of your tent.

    The coating was applied to the tent fabric fibers prior to production.

    • Water Column: 50cm - EN ISO 811
    • Spray Test: 4/5 - ISO NF EN 4920
    • Color Fastness: 4-5 / 8 (120H) - ISO 105-B04
    • Fire resistance: BS7837:1996

    Produced in line with the strictest quality controls:

    • WRAP Gold Certificate of Compliance
    • Quality management system certificate iso 9001 2008 GTB/T19001 2008
    • Seal of Cotton

    Roll-up side walls with 360° Mesh for ventilation

    Retractable side walls make the tent very versatile and multifunctional. During the day you use it as a shade area, play-, lounge area, ... and at night as your trusted camping tent.

    The Apex series is equipped with a 360° screen wall. So even when the tent is used as an open structure, or maximally ventilated, it can be completely sealed from insects.

    The door with an integrated mosquito net ensures an insect-free environment, which can be easily operated with quick release fasteners.

    Groundsheet with zippers

    The ground sheet is made of durable 100% waterproof PVC (650 gr/m²) for maximum comfort. The bathtub-shaped groundsheet is virtually indestructible and allows camping on any surface. It can stand in 5 cm of water for months without a drop penetrating. Moreover, it is completely detachable so you can set up the tent without the groundsheet, or for easy cleaning.

    Trustworthy zippers: SBS zippers - ISO 17025.

    Guy ropes & tensioners

    UV-treated polyester guy ropes equipped with aluminum tensioners and carabiners for easy tensioning. The guy ropes consist of an inner core and an outer sheath. Both inner core and outer sheath are composed of high-quality polyester, which is capable of withstanding some of the harmful effects of UV radiation. The inner core provides the primary strength and load-bearing capacity of the rope, while the outer sheath serves as a protective layer for increased durability.

    Spring-loaded tent poles and ground pegs

    The central tent pole and A-frame for the door are made of galvanized steel, and are spring-loaded for easy assembly. An intelligently designed central pole protects the tent and has an eye at the top for attaching lamps or other objects.

    Tent pegs made of forged steel, also suitable for hard surfaces.

    Compatibility with stoves

    All of our tents can be equipped with a stove. No tent comes with a pre-installed stove opening or Exit as this limits your options. Our Exits allow you to install any type of stove, anywhere. They are also easy to install in about ten minutes.

    More info on the Exit

    *The short guy poles used in the studio pictures are not included with your purchase.

    More Information
    Floor Space19,6 m² (210 ft²)
    Diameter500 (5m/16ft 5in)
    Height300 cm (9ft 10in)
    Door Height175 cm (5ft 9in)
    Max Capacity8
    Water Column5000mm
    Floor MaterialPro (650 gr/m² or 19.17 oz/yd²)
    Floor AttachmentZipper
    Mesh Door TypeSewn In
    Integrated Mesh WallYes
    Peg TypeHeavy Duty
    Compatibility Inner TentYes
    Total weight (kg / lbs)40.6 / 90.2
    Canvas weight (kg / lbs)34 / 75.6
    Poles weight (kg / lbs)6.6 / 14.7
    • 360 gr/m² Tentex® PC36 tent fabric
    • 650 gr/m² tub-shaped zip-in PVC groundsheet
    • 32 mm spring loaded central pole with rubber foot and top
    • 20 mm spring loaded nickel plated steel A-frame with feet
    • Guy ropes with aluminum tensioners and snap hooks
    • Tent pegs for the guy ropes and ground pegs for the groundsheet
    • Carrier bags
    • Manual
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